Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  What is the I-15 Express Lanes Project?
    The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) is adding two express lanes in each direction on I-15 between Cajalco Road and State Route 60 (SR-60). Additional project elements include the construction of a series of soundwalls along the project corridor as well as bridge widenings to accommodate the new tolled express lanes. All proposed improvements are to be constructed within the Caltrans right-of-way, with the majority of the improvements occurring within the existing I-15 median. RCTC is proceeding with a design-build delivery process to expedite completion of the project, minimize rising construction costs, and take advantage of the existing 91 Express Lanes Project experience.
  2. Why is the project needed?
    Future traffic and growth forecasts indicate that traffic volumes will continue to increase along the corridor thus reducing mobility along I-15 and increasing the lack of travel time reliability. Federal and State funds are not sufficient to provide needed congestion relief, therefore tolled express lanes are the most feasible and cost-effective solution.
  3. What are the benefits of constructing tolled express lanes on Interstate 15 (I-15) in
    Riverside County?
    • The express lanes offer drivers a choice for congestion-free, reliable travel within the corridor
    • Every vehicle that uses the express lane is one less vehicle in the general purpose lanes which results in improved travel times and less congestion for all lanes
    • By reducing congestion and idling of vehicles, there is an air quality benefit for all
    • Express lanes will provide users of express bus service along the I-15 corridor reliable travel times by using the congestion-free express lanes
    • Carpoolers with three or more passengers will have access to the express lanes at a reduced toll
  4. How do express lanes work?
    Vehicles use the express lanes by paying a toll through the use of a transponder. Drivers must first purchase a transponder and create a user account. Then, each time the driver uses the express lane the account will be charged. The amount charged for use of the express lane will vary by the time of day and day of week. This type of dynamic pricing will maintain free-flowing conditions on the express lanes. The I-15 Express Lanes Project will feature numerous opportunities to enter and exit both north and south along the I-15 Express Lanes project corridor.
  5. Will there be incentives for drivers who already carpool to use the express lanes?
    Yes, vehicles with three or more occupants will be able to use the express lanes for a reduced toll. Carpoolers will also be required to have an active FasTrak account and use a transponder on the I-15 Express Lanes.
  6. Will there be a direct connection from the I-15 Express Lanes to the new 91 Express Lanes?
    There will be a direct connection to southbound I-15 Express Lanes from the 91 Express Lane and a direct connection from northbound I-15 Express Lanes to the westbound 91 Express Lane, however, a direct connection to and from northbound I-15 Express Lanes are planned in the future.
  7. How will the I-15 Express Lanes construction be funded?
    Tolls charged to I-15 express lane users will pay for a significant portion of the initial construction and all of the ongoing maintenance and operation of the express lanes. Local and federal funds will also be used to pay for a portion of the initial construction including Riverside County’s voter-approved Measure A transportation sales tax program.
  8. How will the toll revenue be used?
    Toll revenues will be used to operate and maintain the express lanes, repay a portion of the construction costs and pay back the bonds used to finance the project. Any additional revenue will be used for future transportation improvements including freeway, interchanges, and transit enhancements within the I-15 corridor.
  9. Will this project require the acquisition of any residential or local business property?
    The construction of the new I-15 Express Lanes does not require permanent acquisition of any residential or local business property, and the project is designed to be primarily built in the existing median of the I-15 freeway.
  10. When will the I-15 Express Lanes open?
    Construction is expected to start in 2018, after construction is complete on the SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project, with the new I-15 Express Lanes opening in 2020.
  11. Who can I contact for more information about the I-15 Express Lanes Project?
    For more information, send an email to You may also call the project helpline at (844) 415-9777.

I-15 Express Lanes Fact Sheet (English & Spanish).pdf
I-15 Express Lanes FAQ Sheet (English & Spanish).pdf

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